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5 Strategies To Give Negative Feedback People Actually Want To Hear

By Jennifer Eggers ~ Feb 12, 2020

Have you had that moment when you have to tell someone they aren’t performing well? When they pride themselves on being good at the very thing you’re about to tell them they aren’t? It’s that moment when you swallow hard, your mouth goes dry, and secretly you pray that they’ll listen and won’t come up…


What Every Leader Needs To Know

By Jennifer Eggers ~ Jan 27, 2020
“To lead is to live dangerously.”

It is no longer enough to do things better, faster, and cheaper. The challenges leaders face today are more complex and don’t have a simple solution.


How To Prepare For Disruption

By Jennifer Eggers ~ Jan 15, 2020
The Year Of Disruption

Predictions tell us that 2020 will be the year of disruption. Is your team prepared? If your confidence is a bit shaky, now is the time to get ready.


Are You Wasting Time On Competency Models?

By Jennifer Eggers ~ Nov 4, 2019
Building A Capability Model

Do You Really Need A Competency Model? I’ve had a lot of conversations about competency models and I’ve built a lot of them but frankly, I’m not sure I have seen the value-add. When I asked our clients why they are considering investing the time to build a competency model, here are the responses I…