About LeaderShift® Insights

We work with leaders and teams going through disruption who want to increase their organization’s capacity to adapt so they can emerge stronger and more effective faster.

The LeaderShift​ Insights® Team​

LeaderShift Insights® works with leaders and organizations going through disruption to increase their capacity to adapt so they can emerge stronger and more effective faster. We have extensive experience creating alignment with disparate stakeholders at some of the most successful and recognized brands in the world. We provide expertise in aligning and developing organizations and leaders, identifying, prioritizing and driving the capabilities needed to drive strategy, enabling sustainable change, and setting projects up for success so you can drive breakthrough results.

“We help you clarify the real issues and get them on the table where they canbe solved. Because you can’t solve​ what you’re not talking about.”

 ~ Jennifer Eggers, President

We believe there are very few business challenges that cannot be overcome by improving leadership at all levels and creating alignment between people and business strategies. 

We provide pragmatic solutions that maximize your ability to drive results. Everything we do is designed to help you create an integrated approach to solving problems for good, while driving business performance that is entirely based on your specific situation.

From developing leaders, to building and implementing innovative organization structures, and driving sustainable change, our work is based on years of experience, research, and best practices. Our people are experts at optimizing performance through organization alignment, managing talent, and enabling change.

A Few of Our Clients

Who We Work With:

Mid-large size organizations​

We work with corporate leaders and teams facing disruption who want to improve their capacity to adapt so they can emerge stronger and more effective faster. We have worked in 11 countries and over half of the United States.​

Our Clients:

    • Increase revenue and profit​
    • Accelerate strategy execution​
    • Build higher performing teams​
    • Break down silos
    • Get aligned and on the same page​
    • Do more with less​
    • Ensure that structure drives strategy​
    • Increase organizational resilience


In times of disruptive change and digital transformation, challenges are more complex, global, and cross-functional. Leaders must develop skills to think and act differently to mobilize people and create alignment.

Our Clients:

    • Increase their ability to drive performance through others​
    • Build high performing cultures​
    • Demonstrate leadership breakthroughs​
    • Are better at mobilizing people​
    • Make progress on multiple issues​
    • Solve quantifiable cases​
    • Invite dissent to create alignment​
    • Are more resilient people​
    • Change perception​
    • See the big picture (strategy)

Leadership Teams & CoHorts

With nearly 3 decades of experience working with leadership teams, corporate boards, and development cohorts, we help them get on the same page, align around strategy and tactics, surface and resolve cross-functional challenges, and drive large-scale change.

Our Clients:

    • Demonstrate visible courage​
    • Drive accountability​
    • Improve change effectiveness and teamwork
    • Save cost and increase revenue​
    • Resolve cross-functional issues​
    • Better engage their boards​
    • Are clear on what to focus on next​

We Are Not Those Guys

We are not consultants. At least the ones you think you know.

If you’ve worked with the shiny suits and been left with binders instead of tools your team is excited to use, we feel you. We’ve been there and we will never be that firm.

We won't take up space in your conference rooms or wander your halls fishing for work or talking to your boss about you.

We Are You

We have been in your shoes. Literally.

We’ve endured those endless leadership meetings when all we wanted to do was get things done. We know the itch of wasted time, resources and potential. 

We won't waste your time.

What We Do

We won’t tell you what to do. Our process will guide you to figure it out.

We offer proven, research-backed tools and processes that enable you to do more with the same resources you already have. Your expertise applied to our process accelerates solutions and unravels the tough issues getting in the way of results.

We won't recreate what you've already done. We leverage that as a starting point to propel you farther.

Working Together

You know your business. We won’t insult your intelligence or change things for change’s sake.

Our job is to bring our proven (battle tested), research-backed tools and processes to enable you to move forward faster while creating alignment and increasing your team's capacity to deal with disruptive change.

We build solutions in collaboration with you, so they stand up long after we are gone.

We speak “executive” in kitchen English.

LeaderShift Logo reversed

How We Are Different

Once issues are understood, we’ll push you to stop admiring the problem and dispense with the analysis paralysis that gets people swimming in circles so you can get things done. We would rather go live with 90% than see a client miss an opportunity waiting for perfection. Most of our clients are building the ‘plane’ while flying it. We’ll meet you there.

We grew up as business leaders. Nothing gets your attention like managing a P&L to create solutions that are workable in the field where they’re needed. We speak in Kitchen English and do our best to use terms and ideas that are understandable in the language of your industry.

We do the work, train the people and let you run your business, teaching leaders to execute without us. We provide toolkits that are easily embedded into your daily work based on proven and practical research that make us ‘sticking around’ obsolete. We are on-site when we need to be, but won’t tie up a conference room when we don’t.

We are flexible. We adjust our approach and solutions to your needs and cultural nuances. If you want cutting edge solutions, we’re there with you. Baby steps? We can do that to. We are comfortable working in front, behind or beside you.

You employ smart people to lead your company and leveraging them is often the most sustainable path forward. Where we can, we use techniques to get them unstuck and moving in the right direction. Where we can’t, we bring in specific expertise.

Our workshop experiences turn everything you know about corporate training upside down.  You will learn skills while making progress on real issues or opportunities that are relevant to you, typically things that you have applied your best thinking to and haven’t been able to solve. This minimizes time spent on 'training', maximizes progress on real business issues, and ensures that new skills stick.

Our bias will always be to create alignment. We help get your leadership team and organization get on the same page, aligned to your strategy and, most importantly, to your customer. We rock at creating shared agendas and getting people on the same page, even when they could not disagree more. 

Our Team

Jennifer Eggers
Founder and President

For nearly 30 years, Jennifer has worked internally and externally driving Operations, Organization Alignment, HR and Leadership Development. She is the creator of the RapidOD approach to organization design and has designed and executed large-scale initiatives (mergers, restructuring, talent / performance management and senior team development) at some of the most recognized brands in the world.

She is a senior executive coach and speaks professionally on resilience and leadership. She is also the author of international best seller, Resilience: It's Not about Bouncing Back.

What Others Say…

Ready to get to work on your organization?

LeaderShift® Insights, Inc. is a firm with deep experience optimizing corporate performance at some of the most successful and recognized brands in the world. We'd be happy to help you think through next steps.