Organization Design

8 Signs You Need A New Organizational Structure

When To Rethink Your Organizational Structure “Is it time for a new organizational structure?” This question does not always have an obvious answer. Organizational restructuring, by definition, can be disruptive, even when handled as smoothly as possible, and even with the best of intentions. There is always a risk that the new structure will bring…

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Corporate Restructuring That Drives Strategy

Corporate Restructuring That Works Starting a business, whether a lemonade stand or a consulting firm with a new approach to corporate restructuring, begins with a realization that something is missing in the market. Often, an entrepreneur feels so strongly about the missing piece that they are willing to drive a stake in the ground. A stake…

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No One Said It Would Be Easy: Business Architects In The Digital Age

Business Architect

Defining Business Architecture Today, many organizations still struggle to define what the role of a Business Architect should be and how to clearly articulate the value of Business Architecture to leadership. So let’s start by dispelling some popular myths about Business Architecture. Business Architects are NOT: assigned the next ‘hot potato’ project that has been…

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The Shocking Truth About Binders

I want to tell you about a pet peeve of mine…binders. For me, this realization struck hard before LeaderShift® was a twinkle of a business plan and carried through most of the executive roles I played throughout my career. Maybe you’ve been there. For me, it started at the mercy of those shiny tie consultants.…

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Here’s What Is Missing From Your Organizational Structure

Remember when your organizational structure used to be something we hardly thought about. They were clear. We reported to someone (my boss) and often someone reported to us (my team). But things change. Now we have matrix structures, project teams that pull people into hidden conference rooms (that suck life and time from our schedules),…

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How To Tell If Your Organization Structure Will Drive Transformation

Outdated Organizational Design Structure

Is Your Organizational Structure A Relic? Was your Organizational Structure designed strategically or was it bolted together by necessity? Was the last structure change done when an executive shifted roles or to give someone a ‘stretch assignment’? Do the roles make sense in terms of why people are doing them (maybe someone had extra capacity…

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3 Golden Rules for Successful Transformation

Golden Rules for Organizational Transformation

Matrix Organizational Structure: Love it or Hate it? Does the matrix you have to work through to get things done drive you crazy? Does it make things difficult or does it drive collaboration and better solutions? Matrix organization structures can make people cringe or act as a way to accelerate decisions and outcomes. Some people…

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Why Transformation Consistently Misses The Mark

Has Transformation Left You Disappointed? Are you frustrated waiting for the improvements in efficiency or effectiveness promised by the last project? Was the last ‘big idea’ not quite what it was cracked up to be? Is there a promise that the ‘next’ project will actually deliver results? Does it sound like you are being sold…

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#1 Way to Lead A Successful Digital Transformation

Leading Digital Transformation

Are you struggling to keep your business organized while transitioning to a more digital experience? Is it becoming less obvious who owns what…and why? Are silos in your organization structure getting in the way as the shift to increasing automation accelerates? More and more, organizations are realizing that as they become more digital, their structures…

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What’s Your Legacy? Are You A Value-Add or a Seat Warmer?

What Will Be Your Legacy

A Human Resources executive walks into a bar with a duck on their head. One of the long-time customers, though a bit intoxicated, recognizes the difference between a hat and a duck and shouts, “… you’ve got a duck on your head. The HR executive calmly replies, “… of course, that is the only way…

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What’s Next for Human Resources?

As 2018 dawns, two questions are being asked by many IBHR leaders and Chief Human Resource Officers: Is this year’s plan for my Human Resources team good enough to deliver strategic value across the organization to truly differentiate our organization from the competition? What is the next key capability that Human Resources needs to front…

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The Blueprint for Strategic Alignment

Operating Model

Ever feel like your team is not hearing you? You turn around and either they are squabbling about who gets their share of limited resources, or they are off in their own space ‘working really hard.’ Unfortunately, you just can’t tell how all that work is driving your strategic agenda. All those countless meetings were…

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Blasting Personal Agendas

The Number 1 Way to Blast Personal Agendas Have you been in a meeting when personal agendas take over? Usually, everyone politely ignores Fred, the VP who’s gunning to expand his empire a bit further, all while hoping someone ‘above’ will reign him in. It’s hard not to think of the good Fred would do,…

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Beat Up from Restructuring? The Antidote to the Aftermath

Creating linkages and governance to make new organizational structures work

Have you ever seen a corporate restructuring where the dots didn’t connect? After all the angst that comes with organization design, have you ever felt like there was: Work that wasn’t missed until it went undone? Hand-offs between processes that don’t go smoothly? Critical decisions no one was empowered to make? Uncertainty around who was doing (or…

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Organization Design: How Many Is A Crowd?

At the start of every organization design project, if I am lucky, I am asked, ‘who really should be involved in this?’ If I am unlucky, there is an assumption that building the design will only involve one or two senior leaders. Unlucky in this case, usually makes for a very long project and a…

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8 Signs That It’s Time To Restructure Your Organization

Organization Redesign: To do or not to do (and when)? This question does not always have an obvious answer. Organization redesign, by definition can be quite disruptive, even when handled as smoothly as possible, and even with the best of intentions. There is always a risk that the new structure will bring with it some…

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Simplify The Science: Removing The Complications Behind Org. Design

It’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t had the wind knocked out of them by it: the ‘ole reengineering, right sizing, restructuring, downsizing, reorganization or transformation. I could hold a contest for the best name for it, but HR/OD folks know it as organization restructuring. In itself, there’s nothing wrong with it. Organizations outlive their…

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