Executive Development Coaching

Coaching that Impacts Results... in the Organization as a Whole

LeaderShift® Insights acts as senior advisor, thought partner and executive coach to the C-level and other executives. Coaching enhances skills and creates awareness to help you drive exponential performance through others. Each engagement is tailored to deliver specific outcomes, direct actionable steps and encouraging support in a safe, objective and challenging environment.

“We help you clarify the real issues and get them out on the table where they can be solved. Because you can’t solve what you’re not talking about.”

Jennifer Eggers

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Results Driven Process

Our coaches are passionate about the effectiveness and agility of leaders at all levels. We enable leaders to create alignment to drive breakthrough performance and advance what is important to them.

Our proven approach achieves sustainable results.

Development Coaching Timeline:

Month 1

Build Relationship

  • Introductions
  • Outline the Engagement
  • Determine Logistics
  • Define Manager Involvement

Gather Data

  • Coaching Kick-Off
  • Feedback from Key Stakeholders
  • Performance Data
  • Select & Complete Assessments
  • Debrief Results

Plan for Action

  • Create Development Plan
  • Input from Manager/Sponsor
  • Finalize and Prioritize Development Plan

Months 2-5

Month 6+

Coach for Success

  • Consistent Coaching Meetings
  • Complete Action Items
  • Update Manager as Appropriate

Measure Sustainability

  • Evaluate Results
  • Capture Lessons Learned & Behavior Change
  • Sustainability Plan

What About Assessments?

Our coaches have access to a wide range of leadership and multi-rater assessments and tools and will use them judiciously based on the needs of the client. Our unique approach is focused on getting to know our clients and creating a tailored solution to optimize self awareness and results.

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