Consulting & Organizational Restructuring

We create: Alignment, Leadership
Excellence, and Resilience

So your team can deliver MORE
with what you already have.

We work with leaders and teams facing disruption to increase adaptive capacity.

Organizational Consulting laser focused to drive the results you need fast

When it comes to navigating big, complex organizational challenges, there’s a step that most companies skip. And if you skip this step, you’re almost guaranteed to fail. It's about creating alignment focus around solving them.

It has everything to do with your diagnostic process (because most companies don’t have one). You could hire the best of the best in a particular field, but if you’re solving the wrong problem, you’ll end up right where you began... With less budget.

We help you clarify the real issue and put it in on the table so it can be solved.

Because we know you can’t solve issues that you’re not talking about.

80% of companies function with some form of MIS-alignment, wasting money, time and resources while deluding themselves into believing that everything is ok.

You will know the truth. And the truth will set you free.

Organizational Consulting Areas of Focus

Corporate Resilience

Resilience Workshop

Maximize Individual & Organizational Resilience

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Alignment Solutions

Align around a shared agenda and implement an integrated plan with a relentless focus on what is absolutely critical

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Organizational Design

Fast, Collaborative, Sustainable Organizational Design

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YOU know your business.
We won’t insult your intelligence or change things for change’s sake.

Our job is to bring our proven (battle tested), research-backed tools and processes to enable you to do more with what you already have.

We won’t do our process TO you. We'll do it WITH you. That's a promise.

Our promise is that we won’t do our process TO you. We'll do it WITH you.

We bring you tools you can use, deliver solutions, equip you and get out. We don’t take up space in your conference rooms and wander your halls to sell work. You get solutions. Not binders.

Which is why the changes we make together will last. And the improvements continue long after we’ve left the building.

Ready to get to work?

LeaderShift Insights®, Inc. is a firm with deep experience optimizing corporate performance at some of the most successful and recognized brands in the world. We'd be happy to help you think through next steps.