Becoming a Top Team

Demonstrate Collective Visible Leadership

Becoming A Top Team

The Becoming a Top Team Workshop is an opportunity for your team to align and create a shared agenda while learning critical new skills to deal with disruption.

This insightful, interactive program includes five 90–120-minute virtual sessions providing a practical introduction to leading adaptively.

Time is spent focusing on building skills to enable leadership teams to communicate, create alignment, raise and solve difficult issues, and coach in a rapidly changing environment.

The program establishes new ways of working and communicating that drives learning for both parties and creates a united message to the organization.

The Influence Model

LSI Influence Model

Teams Must:

  • Be intentional about demonstrating visible leadership'
  • Send a consistent message about who they are what they stand for
  • Do more with less
  • Adapt to change on the fly

Leaders Must:

  • Coordinate efforts to streamline priorities
  • Raise the bar and establish new ways of working
  • Sustain a high performing culture
  • Equip people to take up their authority and own their roles

Becoming a Top Team

Work on What's Important

Over half of the time in Becoming a Top Team is dedicated to solving real issues. The team will raise significant and relevant challenges to which they have applied their best thinking and have been unable to solve. Much of the program is spent applying new thinking and skills to these challenges.

Create Lasting

We work with your team up front to understand your business, your issues, and the results you need. The program is tailored to ensure measurable results which builds confidence in new skills and ensures they will become embedded in your company’s culture. Our pocket-sized card decks are a tool that can also be used to reinforce tools and skills long after the program.

Create New Team

An effective team requires a culture that fosters discussion, push-back, and honest feedback; where everyone’s point of view is heard and the best solutions emerge from collaboration. This program is a unifying experience where your team will work together to solve big challenges using more effective ways of raising the issues that drive the team’s ability to demonstrate visible leadership.

You can do the PRE-WORK to create a shared agenda or the REWORK when things go sideways

Individual & Team Outcomes

Insight into Strengths and Derailers

  • Recognize the communication pattern beliefs, and mindsets that limit the team’s ability to communicate when it is most critical

  • Develop influencing skills to incr proactive intentional thinking and minimize ‘rework’

Solutions to Current Leadership Challenges

  • Leave with a shared agenda for the team a the skills to make progress on an issue you haven’t been able to solve

  • Align around new ways of working t sustain high performance through disruption

  • Build and practice skills to prov the confidence needed to apply them immediately to produce instant impact

Insight into Self-Awareness & Personal Filters

  • Increase authenticity to drive stronger engagement and increase adaptive capacity

  • Clarify what success looks like and understand core belief systems that drive behavior

  • Identify and realign personal filters that derail resilience

Adaptive Leadership Mindsets, Skills, & Tools

  • Understand when and how to l adaptive leadership to drive competitive advantage

  • Learn to apply new skills to a range of challenges through work on multiple team and individual cases

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