Change Management

3 Most Forgotten Components of A Successful Transformation

20% of Employees are Actively Disengaged

3 out of 4 HR leaders are facing some sort of transformation in their business. Too often they are brought in late in the game, … and typically to help “manage the change”. Code words for “exiting displaced employees and helping the survivors cope with the new environment”. Sound familiar? Coming late to transformation puts HR…

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How To Tell If Your Organization Structure Will Drive Transformation

Outdated Organizational Design Structure

Is Your Organizational Structure A Relic? Was your Organizational Structure designed strategically or was it bolted together by necessity? Was the last structure change done when an executive shifted roles or to give someone a ‘stretch assignment’? Do the roles make sense in terms of why people are doing them (maybe someone had extra capacity…

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Why Transformation Consistently Misses The Mark

Has Transformation Left You Disappointed? Are you frustrated waiting for the improvements in efficiency or effectiveness promised by the last project? Was the last ‘big idea’ not quite what it was cracked up to be? Is there a promise that the ‘next’ project will actually deliver results? Does it sound like you are being sold…

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4 Steps To Tackle Relentless Change

LSI Influence Model

Is Your Organization Staring Down Relentless Change? Organizational change. It’s real. It’s big. And it’s flying towards you like a 10-ton meteor you have no hope of stopping. The kind of change that causes you to question the work you do as you know it, your relationship with co-workers, and what you need to deliver.…

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Leadership Secrets for Every CFO

Resilience & Change Agility for Global Finance Leaders

Resilience & Change Agility: 100 Global Finance Leaders Can’t Be Wrong At one global company, equipping leaders to increase resilience and adaptive leadership in the face of rapid, disruptive change has strengthened the partnership between Finance and the business it supports. Recently, over 100 Finance leaders from twenty countries convened for a three-day conference to…

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