Create Breakthroughs in How People Lead and Drive Change

LeaderShift Insights’® Driving Sustainable Change Workshop is based on the notion an organization’s ability to drive sustainable change is directly proportional to how well it anticipates and manages the transitions people must make to get to the future state. This actionable program enables change agents to identify and execute the real work required to drive organizational change. The workshop introduces concepts and a framework that enables participants to both plan and execute the work of ‘how’ to execute change, rather than relying on theoretical ‘change models’ (the ‘what’).

Change Management is anticipating and managing the transitions stakeholders must go through to drive change.

The Driving Sustainable Change Workshop directly addresses the root cause of why 80% of projects fail and enables leaders to ‘get it right the first time’ when implementing change. Leading with simple and down to earth concepts and an easily adopted set of tools that can be integrated into an project enables leaders to ensure that organizational changes are effective and sustainable with minimal disruption. This approach eliminates rework, reduces resistance (and the time spent dealing with it), and decreases the need to ‘sell’ changes after the fact to stakeholders who may not be vested in changing .

Driving Sustainable Change Workshop

Work On What’s Important to You

This workshop is unique in that much of the time is spent applying new skills to making progress and real changes in your organization. Participants (or the organization) will bring cases to the program that represent real, meaningful change challenges that matter to their organization and leave with a plan to address these changes. The program may also be customized to include both customer and internal client input or large scale change affecting the organization.

How It Works

The Tools You Need Before You Need Them

This program includes access to the revolutionary LeaderShift Insights® Transition Toolkit. These change management tools enable leaders to build and execute a complete, actionable transition plan that works. The toolkit was created to ensure that organizational change works the first time in a logical uncomplicated way. The tools are simple enough to be embedded into the daily work of a project team and represent all you need in one place to drive sustainable change on small and large scale projects.

Expected Outcomes

Critical change concepts to drive breakthrough thinking

  • Leveraging the Influence Model to drive change

  • An understanding of change and transitions and how managing them differently impacts the ability to drive change

  • A pragmatic way to anticipate transitions stakeholders will go through and how to support them to sustain the change

Integrated toolkit to get change ‘right the first time’

  • Learn to leverage and integrate existing work into the LeaderShift Insights® Transition Toolkit, a proven approach to planning and executing any size organizational change

  • A framework to structure and shape the way they drive small and large scale change

Practical strategies and tools to apply immediately

  • Take the mystique out of change management with a simple, replicable and ‘lite’ approach that can embed into any project

  • Strategize, plan, and execute large-scale, rapid organizational change initiatives

  • Clearly define changes, identify who is impacted, and the transitions they will go through

  • Build plans to support stakeholder transitions

  • Measure and coach direct reports and project teams on the sustainability of change efforts

Progress in the room

  • Cases driven workshop ensure that real progress will be made on a current change that matters to the organization

Ready to get to work?

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