Influence Workshop

Adaptive Leadership & Influencing Skills

In times of disruptive change, leaders must think differently about how they lead. Doing more with less and adapting to change on the fly is not optional. Leaders must raise the bar, tackle underperformance, upgrade talent, and create a sustained high performance culture.

Getting tough issues on the table where they can be solved is critical, whether it’s leveling with people about their performance, pushing good performers beyond their best, naming the elephant in the room, all must be accomplished while driving engagement and inspiring action. This is adaptive leadership.

Leadership is the day to day
communication about the real issues.
- Chris Argyris

The Influence Workshop

A 5 session, practical introduction to Adaptive Leadership. This insightful, interactive session focuses on building skills to enable leaders at all levels to communicate, create alignment, build teams, and coach in a rapidly changing environment. The program establishes a framework for new  communication norms that drive learning and dialogue

How It Works

Work on What's Important to

Over half of the time in The Influence Workshop is dedicated to solving participants’ real issues. Participants bring cases representing a significant and relevant challenge to which they have applied their best thinking and have been unable to solve. Much of the workshop is spent applying new thinking and skills to these challenges.

Create Lasting Results

We work with your team up front to understand your business, your issues, and the results you need. The program is tailored to ensure measurable results which builds confidence in new skills and ensures they will be used over and over and become embedded in your company’s culture. Our pocket-sized card decks are a take away that can also be used to reinforce tools and skills long after the program.

Create New Team Norms for Communication

Corporate teams need to unravel real (and often difficult) issues that hinder results. This requires an environment where candor is the norm and hidden agendas are few. An environment that fosters discussion, push-back, and honest feedback; where everyone’s point of view is heard and the best solutions emerge from collaboration. Our programs create this with an impactful team development experience. Your team will get to know each other better while working together to solve big challenges in a new way. The experience will create new norms for how people are expected to raise and discuss the real issues that drive your business.

What Others Say…

Expected Outcomes

Insight into Strengths & Derailers

  • Recognize the communication patterns, beliefs, and mindsets that limit their ability to communicate when it is most critical

  • Develop influencing skills that apply groundbreaking research to real-life situations with three simple tools

Solutions to Current Leadership Challenges

  • Leave with a plan and the skills to make progress on a real issue that your leaders haven’t been able to solve.Leave with a plan and the skills to make progress on a real issue that your leaders haven’t been able to solve.

  • Skills are built and practiced to provide the confidence needed to apply them immediately following the program to produce instant impact

Adaptive Leadership Mindsets, Skills, & Tools

  • Understand when and how to leverage adaptive leadership skills to drive competitive advantage

  • Program designed with innovative practices to enable leaders to succeed where they might otherwise fail

  • Learn how to apply new skills to a range of challenges through work on their own and each other’s cases

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