Secrets To Building The Bedrock Of Resilience

A Foundation For Resilience This is the Spit Bank Lighthouse. It doesn’t look like much, but this structure has stood in the middle of Ireland’s Cork Harbour since 1853 and there is an awful lot we can learn from it as we recover from a pandemic. In 1833, the lighthouse was but a dream in…

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How Teams Unconsciously Sabotage Results

Have you ever been driving a car headed towards your new home, having recently moved, only to find yourself suddenly turning down the familiar street towards your old home? How did that happen? I’ll tell you how. You were so busy thinking about something else – your conscious mind was so “off-line” – that your…

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Are You Wasting Time On Competency Models?

Building A Capability Model

Do You Really Need A Competency Model? I’ve had a lot of conversations about competency models and I’ve built a lot of them but frankly, I’m not sure I have seen the value-add. When I asked our clients why they are considering investing the time to build a competency model, here are the responses I…

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Authenticity: Fuel For Resilience

“Authentic leadership is revealed in the alignment of what you think, what you say, and what you do.” – Michael Holland Resilience Takes Authenticity When life is hard or any sort of disruption hits, we have a finite amount of energy with which to deal with it. Think of this as a gas tank in…

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The Key To Building Adaptive Leadership

The Case For Adaptive Leadership Do the challenges you face today seem more complex than they did, say, five years ago? Does it seem like they involve more people or that it takes more involvement from stakeholders to build a solution that works? Is it starting to feel like managing stakeholders is as complex as…

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Redefine Your Comfort Zone For Breakthrough Results

“Before anything great is really achieved, your comfort zone must be disturbed.” – Ray Lewis Comfort Zones Have you ever struggled to get out of your comfort zone? At one point or another, we are all acutely aware of our comfort zone – usually when we’re bumping up against it head first. We know we…

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4 Qualities of Aligned Organizations

  “The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths, making a system’s weaknesses irrelevant.” – Peter Drucker   Imagine a company where everyone – from the CEO to the newest intern – shows up knowing EXACTLY what they need to do every single day, even on those days where plans fail and…

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The Secret To Alignment

Picture of Alignment

What Alignment Looks Like Is your team 100% aligned around your organization’s goals for 2019? Are you absolutely certain that you are making the right or “bests” projects to drive change and build organizational muscle? Can you deliver with what you have been budgeted, or less? If you are not 110% aligned and committed, 2019…

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No One Said It Would Be Easy: Business Architects In The Digital Age

Business Architect

Defining Business Architecture Today, many organizations still struggle to define what the role of a Business Architect should be and how to clearly articulate the value of Business Architecture to leadership. So let’s start by dispelling some popular myths about Business Architecture. Business Architects are NOT: assigned the next ‘hot potato’ project that has been…

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No Training Budget? No problem.

No Budget

Do you have a great team that needs development but lack a budget for training and access to an internal world-class learning team? Perhaps you’ve been limping along sending people to local conferences when you can to try to develop them. But while that may appease your team for a while, you know it’s not…

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The Shocking Truth About Binders

I want to tell you about a pet peeve of mine…binders. For me, this realization struck hard before LeaderShift® was a twinkle of a business plan and carried through most of the executive roles I played throughout my career. Maybe you’ve been there. For me, it started at the mercy of those shiny tie consultants.…

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The Secrets to Decoding Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Is Here! Just when you thought they couldn’t come up with a new buzz word, now there is Digital Transformation! For those who want a deep dive, check out the new book, Leading Digital. For those interested in jumping to what needs to be done … read on. Digitization is here and the…

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Is Work Keeping You Up at Night?

Are ‘What Ifs’ Keeping You Up At Night? Do you ever wake up late at night in a cold sweat wondering if all the hard work you are doing to execute your strategy is really going to make a difference? Sure, your strategy is sound, after all experts helped pull it together, but what if…

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The Blueprint for Strategic Alignment

Ever feel like your team is not hearing you? You turn around and either they are squabbling about who gets their share of limited resources, or they are off in their own space ‘working really hard.’ Unfortunately, you just can’t tell how all that work is driving your strategic agenda. All those countless meetings were…

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5 Tipping Points Where Mergers Fail

One Too Many Mergers? Strong economies bring growth which inherently brings change. To achieve growth, there has been a significant increase in mergers and acquisitions over the last several years. While mergers and acquisitions clearly grow organizations, there are unintended consequences that can limit and, in some cases, undermine growth. Leaders seeking growth acquire organizations…

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Secrets to The Most Compelling HR Strategy

Compelling HR Strategy Secrets

Which comes first: Human Resource Strategy or Business Strategy? We know intuitively that the Business Strategy must come first, yet how well do we in Human Resources truly understand the business strategy and its implications for our own HR Strategy when we must ensure that our business clients are equipped to plan and deliver our…

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4 Tricks: Asking Questions To Drive Strategy

Asking strategic questions to create value

Do Your Questions Drive Strategy? Becoming a “strategic partner” has become a bit of a cliché.  It’s a tired phrase that is often ill defined and confusing, particularly to people so focused on the day-to-day, transactional work of getting things done. It’s easy to ask the right questions when we know the content; however, it can…

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Does Your HR Budget Drive Business Strategy?


Are you spending your Human Resources budget on HR capabilities that drive strategy? All executives are accountable for budgets.  How sure are you that your HR budget aligns scarce resources to drive the HR capabilities required to execute strategy? Do your internal clients complain that they are not getting the best value for their Human Resource investment?…

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