Resilience Workshop

Increase Individual & Organizational Resilience

Today’s landscape is one of unprecedented, rapid, disruptive change. With little margin for error, leaders are expected to adapt to change and react to set-backs quickly. Unfortunately, the skills required to tackle these challenges, process quickly, and come back stronger require thinking differently in ways that are rarely mentioned in leadership programs.

In our experience, building resilience is the most important skill for leaders today and very few people are even talking about it.

Both people and organizations build resilience in one of two ways. Either they go through difficult challenges and come back stronger or they train for it. This workshop focuses on the preparation required to be resilient before difficult situations arise. Participants build a framework to increase their resilience and enable them to make intentional choices in the moment. Applicable to both individual and organizations, this framework accelerates the ability to find meaning in situations, processing faster, and come back and thrive without stalling. Doing so requires some introspective work to minimize stress, reduce downtime, and increase leadership potential. We work with leaders at all levels to empower them to increase and sustain resilience. These same tools and concepts also apply to increasing organizational resilience.

…and we are talking about it. A lot.

Leadership is the Day to Day
Communication about the Real Issues.
- Chris Argyris

The Resilience Workshop

Insightful * Interactive * Introspective

The program enables leaders to build skills necessary to thrive in the face of the challenges and pressure in today’s business environment. The program explores the components that make leaders more resilient and how they can increase their ability to manage stress and come back more effectively with every experience.

How It Works

Build It Before You Need It

The most critical aspect of resilient leadership is the ability to be intentional. Leaders need a plan for bouncing back when the chips are down…before they fall. This program is dedicated to building the skills and self-awareness necessary to create a sustainable framework that enables leaders to react quickly, effectively, and true to their values in a crisis and to get back in the game stronger than ever before.

Participants will use this framework to:

Process experiences faster

Increase authenticity

Approach situations with a healthy attitude

Make choices aligned to a broader purpose

Get clear on what success looks like to them

Understand their core belief system

Expected Outcomes

An Intentional Approach To Tough Situations

An understanding of what it takes to be more resilient, and the preparation required to come back stronger.

How to push the ‘pause’ button and intentionally and effectively react in the heat of the moment

Skills are built and practiced to equip participants to increase their resilience before they need it

The Ability to Come Back Stronger & More Effective

Understand how to make more effective choices in tough situations that support your definition of success

Increase your resilience, stamina, and ability to come back stronger from difficult situations

Insight into Self-Awareness and Derailers

Recognize what it means to be authentic and how to increase authenticity, a key factor to becoming resilient

Clearly define what success looks like, find the purpose in tough situations, and understand the beliefs that support taking risks

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