Alignment Solutions

Are your leaders working together with a shared agenda and clear alignment around the investments needed to deliver the business strategy?

LeaderShift Insights® works with leadership teams who need breakthrough results. We help them get on the same page, align around a shared agenda, and implement an integrated plan with a relentless focus on what is absolutely critical.

We work with your organization to create laser-like alignment to ensure that your entire team is moving in the same direction and equipped to quickly make decisions without the typical issues that slow you down.

One of our superpowers is taking a room full of diverse and disparate stakeholders and creating alignment.

We Help Companies

1. Align Around Where You Are Going

Future State (Strategy)

Clearly articulate your strategy and critical market differentiators while planning for likely scenarios, and aligning your team around each others' role in executing it.

Capabilities Required to Deliver It

Clearly articulate and align around the organizational capabilities required to deliver the strategy.

Gaps That Must Be Closed

Align around the performance and financial contribution of your capabilities and today. Identify and prioritize gaps that must be closed.

2. Build A Shared Agenda For How To Get There

Structure & Talent

Ensure that your organization structure is set up to drive the capabilities required to deliver your strategy efficiently and effectively. Ensure that the most critical capabilities are owned by your most critical talent and that governance processes are in place. 

Investment Roadmap & Metrics

Ensure that your next investment is THE one that will make the most progress towards delivering your strategy the fastest. Identify projects to close capability gaps and align around timing, budget, and resource priorities.

Equip Leaders To Execute

Enhance leadership skills and drive candid conversations. The LeaderShift® Mastery Series contains three workshops that drive ROI and improve leadership in three areas: Resilience, Influence and Driving Sustainable Change

Ready to get to work?

LeaderShift Insights®, Inc. is a firm with deep experience optimizing corporate performance at some of the most successful and recognized brands in the world. We'd be happy to help you think through next steps.