Senior Executive Coaching

Go Deep to Create LeaderShifts® & Accelerate New Leader Integration

We don't coach everyone.

We are masters at working with C-level leaders (or those aspiring to get there in  1-2 years) at Fortune 500 or middle market companies who are:

  • Leading major organizational transformation
  • New in role and need to demonstrate visible leadership fast
  • Responsible for delivering big results or personal leadership changes this year
  • Launching up a new function or center of excellence

...and want to be champions!

Each engagement is tailored to your circumstances to deliver specific outcomes, direct actionable steps and encouraging support in a safe, objective and challenging environment.

Jennifer Eggers is a senior executive coach with 30 years of experience providing personalized coaching to Fortune 500 C-Level, Presidents and senior functional leaders. She is joined by other exemplary senior level coaches as needed.

Coaching by LeaderShift Insights®

We are great coaches because of the time we spend in the field driving business results. This limits the number of coaching engagements we can accept each year so we go to great lengths to ensure that LeaderShift Insights® is the correct fit prior to accepting a coaching engagement. One we are engaged, you can expect us to go deep. Deep in your business. Deep in your organization. Deep in your thinking.

3 Types of Coaching

Create breakthroughs, enhance skills, manage stakeholders, and build awareness to help drive exponential performance through others.

Onboarding and Integration Coaching

Demonstrate visible leadership fast in a new executive role. Build sponsorship and set the right precedents for success early.

Coaching for Executive Development

Turn high performers into strategic champions. Drive the shifts required to get to the next level and reshape personal brands.

Business Advisory Services

When a big project, new function, or transformation cannot afford to fail, accelerate high stakes results while mitigating risk.

Frequent Roles Coached:

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief HR Officer
  • SVP Sales
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Head of Innovation
  • VP Marketing
  • VP Merchandising
  • New Product Incubation
  • Chief Information Officer
  • President

Why Coaching?

Leadership coaching accelerates development, deepens learning, and enables leaders to:

  • Demonstrate visible leadership while transitioning into a new role
  • Bridge the gap between how you are perceived and how you need to be perceived to advance faster
  • Intentionally create and reinforce or change your personal brand
  • Advance specific business outcomes
  • Overcome targeted development areas
  • Create breakthroughs in team performance
  • Increase value to the organization
  • Think more broadly and strategically
  • Navigate and capitalize on complex corporate political systems
  • Improve your ability to influence and communicate key messages
  • More effectively integrate work and life commitments
  • Increase emotional intelligence to reduce stress

Why LeaderShift?

30 years developing executives both internally and externally has taught us much about what works. This is reflected in a unique approach to: 

  • Faster Results

    We work with our clients to focus on improving business outcome and behavioral objectives from the start. We do not require an exhaustive battery of tests up front. After an initial consultation, we will determine what makes sense and move forward. This allows you to work on what’s important and see faster results. Additions can easily be assimilated into the process.

  • Improved Team Performance

    A leader’s effectiveness is directly proportional to their ability to drive performance through their team. We often go deep to combine leadership coaching with team interviews, alignment and strategic planning to accelerate progress on real business objectives.

  • Accessible Pricing & Unparalled Access

    Coaching engagements are priced at a flat fee that allows for access as needed, in addition to scheduled sessions. This encourages our clients to leverage their coach’s expertise rather than counting pennies.

Senior Executive Coaching
with Jennifer Eggers

In nearly 30 years, Jennifer Eggers, President of LeaderShift Insights, Inc. and C-Level Coach, has coached entire leadership teams as well as officers and directors of many Fortune 500 companies. She is known for leveraging extensive corporate and consulting experience to accelerate executive integration, reposition personal brands, drive behavior change and increase senior leaders' ability to drive performance through others. She is distinctively different from other coaches with her kitchen English approach, pragmatic tools, accessibility, and ability to see around corners because of her extensive executive experience and her willingness to go deep.

Jennifer Eggers headshot

Jennifer's book, Resilience: It’s Not About Bouncing Back is an international best seller. Jennifer prides herself on spending just as much time in the field as she does coaching – her consulting informs her coaching.

Areas of Expertise: Adaptive Leadership, Organization Design/
Restructuring, Strategic Conversations, Global Leadership, Strategy Execution,
Talent & Performance Management, Change Management, Leadership & Executive Development, Action Learning, Creating Alignment, High Performing Team Development

Certifications: Executive Coach (Lee Hecht Harrison and Cambridge Leadership Group), Meyers Briggs Type Indicator, Hogan Personality Assessments, Hogan for Selection, Hogan 360, Mediation, Helix Culture Types Assessment, Certified Speaking Professional® (CSP)

Results Driven Process

We are passionate about leadership effectiveness and creating agility at all levels. We enable leaders to create alignment that drives breakthroughs in performance and business results.

This approach has proven to achieve sustainable results:

Month 1

Build Relationship
  • Introductions
  • Coaching Kick-Off
  • Outline the Engagement
  • Determine Logistics
  • Determine Manager Involvement
Gather Data
  • Feedback from Key Stakeholders
  • Expectations/Performance Data
  • Select & Complete Assessments
  • Debrief Assessments
Plan For Action
  • Build Action Plan
  • Input from Executive Sponsor
  • Finalize and Prioritize
  • Execute Plan
  • Integrate Personality Data with Stakeholder Feedback

Months 2-5

Coach For Success
  • Consistent Coaching Meetings
  • Complete Action Items
  • Apply New Skills to Situations
  • Update Sponsor as Appropriate

Month 6+

Measure Sustainability
  • Evaluate Results
  • Capture Lessons Learned & Behavior Change
  • Sustainability Plan

What About Assessments?

Our coaches have access to a wide range of leadership and multi-rater assessments and tools and will use them judiciously based on the needs of the client. Our unique approach is focused on getting to know our clients and creating a tailored solution to optimize self awareness and results.

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