Jennifer Eggers

Founder and President

We develop leaders and design organizations to be strategically aligned to your mission and goals. We do this rapidly with minimal disruption using our proprietary, research-backed systems that are so easy to learn and teach, they are sustainable long after we are gone.

Who Is Jennifer?

Jennifer is the President of LeaderShift Insights® Inc., a firm known for helping leaders and organizations dealing with disruptive change who want to increase their capacity to adapt so they can emerge stronger and more effective faster. A consultant, coach, best-selling author, and speaker, Jennifer has a passion for creating alignment and organizational resilience. She is a masterful facilitator known for creating shared agendas and unraveling tough issues that hinder results.

With a unique ability to align diverse stakeholders and global experience in consulting and corporate roles, Jennifer’s integrated approach to creating alignment, develops leaders at all levels while enabling learning and productive dialog. She is the creator of RapidOD, a collaborative fast approach to organization restructuring, highly charged workshops on Influence, Resilience and Driving Sustainable Change.

With over 25 years of executive coaching experience, Jennifer has coached entire leadership teams as well as officers and directors of many Fortune 500 companies. She is known for repositioning personal brands, driving behavior change and increasing senior leader’s ability to drive performance through others. Her book, Resilience: It’s Not About Bouncing Back is an international best seller.

Jennifer is a former Partner with Cambridge Leadership Group, Vice-President, Leadership Development & Learning for Bank of America and has held several other senior roles in Learning, Organization & Leadership Development at AutoZone and Coca-Cola Enterprises. She has designed and executed large-scale initiatives including mergers, enterprise restructuring, talent management, performance-management and team development. Her kitchen English approach and proprietary research backed solutions resonate equally well from the shop floor to facilitating complex strategy and issues resolution sessions with C-Level Executives. She is a Strategic Partner with University of Georgia Executive Education, an Advanced Practitioner in Adaptive Leadership, and a member of the Adaptive Leadership Network at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Certifications*: CSP® (Certified Speaking Professional™), Certified Executive Coach, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Hogan Personality Inventory, Hogan for Selection, Culture Types Assessment

Areas of Expertise: Adaptive Leadership, Personal Branding, Organization Design/Restructuring, Strategic Conversations, Strategy Execution, Talent & Performance Management, Change Management, Leadership & Executive Development, Learning, Organization Development, Creating Alignment, High Performing Team Development, Merger Integration

7 Fun Facts About Jennifer

  • Former nationally ranked water-skier, tournament judge and driver

  • Lived in Santo Domingo for nearly a year

  • Avid Fly Fisher

  • Master Scuba Diver

  • Gourmet foodie

  • Is owned by a Devon Rex and a Champion Peterbald cat

  • Fronted the Harmony Station bluegrass band

  • Bleeds blue and white for Penn State

What People Are Saying About Jennifer…

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How to Ask for an Assimilation Coach for Your New Executive Role

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How Leaders and Organizations Can Build Resilience Before Disruption Hits

By Jennifer Eggers and Cynthia Barlow

As the challenges faced by leaders and organizations increase in complexity, resilience has emerged as the leader’s most important characteristic. When people are broken, organizations break too. Resilient leaders are better equipped to build organizations resilient enough to innovate, sustain and come back stronger in the face of rapid, disruptive change. Individuals and organizations build resilience the same way.

"... a unique, teachable framework applicable to individuals and organizations! Bouncing back from adversity is not enough. Resilience is about learning."

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