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Leadership Development

A large regional bank called on us to help equip their leaders with skills around resilience and change as they reached a tipping point caused by acquisition growth. They had just completed their third acquisition, processes were not standardized, people didn’t know who was accountable for what and there was no alignment around what the new company wanted to be. Constant conflict resulted from a strong identification with legacy organizations and poor integration of the acquired companies. LeaderShift Insights® created a 3-part customized leadership development experience that equipped leaders with adaptive leadership and change management skills, and used real internal challenges as cases that they worked together in the room. Not only did the leaders gain new skills and tools that will be used long after the program, they began to solve their most vexing problems while in the workshop. We build skills and began to solve real problems!

At a large technology company we built a leadership academy for their leadership team which not only equipped them with the leadership and business acumen skills to be more effective, but the case studies that teams worked on resulted in new businesses that were funded by the Ventures Investment board. Each year we funded and launched 2-3 new businesses which were added to the corporate portfolio. Talk about ROI for a ‘training’ program!

Finance leaders are often black & white thinkers who provide spreadsheets to the business and force compliance. At J.M. Huber we worked with their CFO and changed this paradigm by equipping over 100 global finance leaders with both organizational and individual resilience and change skills that equipped them to understand how, who they are as people shaped, who they are as leaders and increased their ability to become true business partners. We proved that introspective leadership work drives results!

In the middle of an Influence Workshop for a regional bank, we asked what they were working on and why it mattered. One SVP stood up and said his case was written about an opportunity that represented $10MM in business if he could move it forward. He did.

Driving Change

When asked to conduct a change management workshop for 20 senior leaders in the store support center of a large auto parts and service retailer, we asked why that was so important. We found out that they had been trying for 5 years to implement two separate changes that would drive over $10MM in revenue. Both had been relaunched, renamed and repackaged 4 times. We challenged the team to use those two changes as cases in the workshop and even brought in stakeholders for the team to meet with. The team learned concepts, implemented tools and real progress was made on both of changes by the end of day 2.

Independent bank

When a large regional industrial controls company called, they were making a significant shift in how they that required long-term construction project managers (read: older guys in the field) to leverage and update a new computerized system. This shift involved significant trade-offs in values where the mentoring/teaching part of their role became critical and the hands-on operations component, something these guys really prided themselves on, became less important. The Influence Workshop helped them get the real issues and challenges out in the open and provided a framework for discussing them constructively. Driving Sustainable Change equipped them with individual skills and organizational tools to implement the changes ‘right’ the first time, create alignment and manage the transitions people had to make during the shift. Leaders equipped with the right skills, equals results!

Leadership Alignment & Strategy

A large insurance company had spent six months and over a million dollars with a big brand name consulting firm creating a business strategy and aligning their leadership. The ended up with a 300 page binder that sat on a shelf, an executive team that was pissed off at one another and nothing implemented. When we got the call, we helped the leadership create alignment around where they were going and the capabilities the organization would need to get there. We then helped them build a prioritized roadmap of investments, projects, and resources required and clarified the roles each leader would play in delivering the business objectives. Binders have a 60 second shelf life, we got leaders aligned around a plan they implemented!

After building a $125 million 5-year investment roadmap for a client, the CFO pulled us aside and asked, “How do we really know, I mean seriously measure the impact of a $125 million investment in our business?”. A year later the answer was clear as the investments were aligned to specific capabilities required to drive strategic objectives. They turned around the P&L, grained lost share and invigorated the organization. Tangible results!

A newly promoted CHRO needed to shift the global HR function out of transactional to a strategic mindset. We pulled the leadership team together, build an HR Strategy that was linked to the HR services required to drive the business strategy. As part of this process we coached the new CHRO with observations on business issues that were most critical to their clients. This equipped the new CHRO to better relate to how the new, global business strategy would be supported by HR and how HR could help drive innovation. This began the journey to a true HR partnership with the business. We made the shift to business partners real!

Leadership for a regional healthcare plan was losing market share. They had become a ‘follower’ in the market offering little differentiation. Finger pointing prevailed. Decision making ground to a halt for fear of making the BIG wrong decision that would sink the company. As Business Architects we helped create an overall differentiated strategy with a unique customer experience. Then we defined the critical business capabilities needed to deliver results. With this we created a $125MM investment portfolio to transform the business. Today the leadership is aligned around a shared operating model to manage and run the business. More importantly they have recaptured share and profitable growth.

Mayo Clinic is world known for their holistic approach to healthcare. Few know that they are one of the top medical laboratories testing people blood for basic conditions as well as more complex molecular and genetic conditions. This capability enables the Clinic to provide their world class diagnostic and treatment. But few know about this extraordinary service. We worked with them to build a growth strategy and a business plan to aggressively get the word out, globally. What few knew about, has become more common knowledge helping people around the globe.

Organization Design

Two major functions of a large home improvement retailer had significant overlap and were merged under one executive. Their rapid growth had resulted in friction between organizations and a lack of clarity on who was accountable for what and leaders that did not see eye to eye. We were asked to facilitate an organizational alignment process to integrate the two functions, and were told that the two most senior leaders would likely not even come to the table. At the end of our two-day these same two leaders had each picked up a marker and were enthusiastically co-presenting on a white board to the division president an innovate new organizational design. Reorganization without the pain of personal agendas!

The IT function of a regional healthcare organization was considered ‘overhead’ in an industry where technology needed to be a differentiator. We were called in to help the function align their structure around the services they needed to deliver to drive the organization’s business strategy. We met with leadership and created alignment around what was working and what needed improvement. We helped them truly understand their customers and align their investments, structure and talent to bridge the gaps in service and customer interaction. The result was a CIO who played a new strategic role on the leadership team, now reporting to the CEO, not CFO.

A Human Resource function for a $7B company comprised of three separate businesses was challenged to increase the services they provide while keeping costs down. We helped them build a hybrid service model that enabled them to streamline operations and increase the focus on strategy and developing talent across the enterprise. A practical service model that works.

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