Performance Review Tips to Drastically Move the Needle

Performance review season is over. Phew. Feedback is given and objectives are set. But are you satisfied? Has another year of tremendous work writing reviews and providing feedback left you feeling like nothing will change? Are you waiting hopefully for your ”B” players to become ”A” players and your “A” players to knock it out of the park?

My question to you is: Do you really think they will? Would you place a bet on it? But what IF, you could increase the odds that your best people will blow the doors off their objectives and the ones you think have potential they really haven’t grown into will knock it out of the park?

There is one surefire way to do that and it is to invest in a coach/advisor. Now I don’t mean just any coach. There are a gazillion newly minted, freshly trained coaches who hung out shingles during COVID and learned to ask great questions. They have their place, but in this situation, I’m talking about an advisor who has seen it, done it, and knows the business. Someone who has been in their shoes (or your shoes), and can help them people build strategies and plans, drive exponential performance from their people, and see around corners to help them “get it right the first time” so they can maximize their contribution to your bottom line.

There’s a fine line between behavioral coaching and the kind of thought partnering that gives your people the best chance at success. We cross that line every day. Part consulting, part coaching…the coaching purists hate that. But we get results in the most critical situations. This makes sense if you’ve got a…

  • New leader who needs to integrate into your organization and demonstrate visible leadership fast.
  • Freshly promoted leader who needs to figure it out and make their mark.
  • Executive with a big bogie to hit…perhaps a big objective or a large project to run.
  • New function, COE, or team starting-up that can’t afford to fail.

***Coaching Champions: Jennifer gives a quick overview of her strategies used to generate positive results.

We’ve got over 30 years of senior executive, coaching, and consulting experience. If we haven’t seen it or done it ourselves, there’s a good chance we’ve been through it with one of our hundreds of clients.  When a leader needs a plan, we don’t ask about their feelings, we help them figure out what will work in their situation and leverage every bit of experience we have. That’s why our clients tell us we turn everything they know about coaching upside down. And the best part? We’ve got a handful of openings for 2024.

We aren’t a fit for everyone, but if you want a partner to give your team the best chance of success, let’s talk. If it’s a fit, we’re happy to jump in! Call us Today!

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