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High Stakes Meeting Facilitation

Create Alignment with Diverse Stakeholders
to Solve Complex Issues

Experts in Orchestrating Meetings To Add Value

As a leader, you know the power of a well-executed meeting or off-site and the risks and cost of the alternative. Depending on your audience, goals, and time frame, our senior facilitators will work with you leveraging an array of creative approaches to help you create an extraordinary experience.  Our approach to design and facilitation is unique and custom to your organization. 

Examples of facilitation services:

  • Corporate Off-Sites
  • Leadership Alignment
  • Team Building Events
  • High Stakes Meetings
  • Leadership Conferences
  • Board Meeting Facilitation
  • Interactive Conference Faciliation
  • Partnering Sessions

Facilitating High Stakes Meetings

Recent Studies Show:

  • Up to half of all corporate meetings are considered a waste of time

  • 91% of people acknowledge that they daydreamed during meetings

  • 73% did other work in meetings

  • 28% of meetings include the wrong people or include folks who just should not be there

  • Over half of executive off-sites are considered unproductive

All of this shifts the focus away from the real issues you need solved.

Are you tired of rambling meetings that don’t meet the objective or finish the agenda? Are you struggling to reach consensus with diverse or disparate stakeholders on complex issues?  Are hidden agendas derailing alignment? Do meetings feel more like updates than real collaboration and problem solving? Do people agree and do something different outside the room?

Research shows that middle managers spend about 35% of their time in meetings, and in upper management, it is often a whopping 50%. What’s worse is that up to 50% of meetings are considered a waste of time.

Effectively planned and orchestrated high stakes meetings ensure that intended outcomes are achieved for good, regardless of how complex the issues are or how divergent the stakeholders. We have facilitated thousands of meetings globally at every level, from executive retreats and business planning, to helping teams find their groove. Whether it’s aligning around a future state or customer experience, building a strategy, brainstorming new products, conference planning and facilitation or project management, LeaderShift meetings are designed and facilitated to get results.

We create alignment so you can achieve your
objectives through more effective meetings.

Leadership is the Day to Day
Communication about the Real Issues.
- Chris Argyris

How It Works

Meeting Design

Having executed thousands of high stakes meetings, we leverage our expertise to prepare for and design the best meeting experience to maximize engagement and alignment.

Our masters level facilitators have deep experience leading difficult and/or divergent personalities, cultures and reacting on the fly to challenging dynamics and shifting objectives.

Facilitation Experts

Applicable Tools

We’ve tested 100’s of tools and our meetings and workshops are outfitted with the most practical yet effective ones.

Expected Outcomes

  • Greater efficiency and productivity

  • Increased participant engagement

  • Skills are built and practiced to equip participants

  • Better decision-making

  • Shared ownership

  • Enables leader to participate

  • Ensures best use of time

  • Fosters greater teamwork and collaboration

  • Offers neutral, third-party objectivity

Ready to get to work?

LeaderShift Insights®, Inc. is a firm with deep experience optimizing corporate performance at some of the most successful and recognized brands in the world. We'd be happy to help you think through next steps.