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Resilience: It's Not About Bouncing Back

10 Things Great Leaders Know But Won’t Tell You

Influence when resources don't report to you

Organizational Design Without Disruption

Resilience: It's Not About Bouncing Back

How leaders and organization can build
resilience before disruption hits

Give your team tools they can use right now to not only cope, but build the resilience they need to move through tough stuff faster and more effectively.

Resilience is the number one requirement for leaders today and very view people know exactly how to build it. Jennifer does.

In this engaging program, Jennifer shares personal and business experience and profound lessons on resilience, from years on the road restructuring companies and coaching executives to a health crisis that knocked her off the podium as a nationally ranked athlete and her long journey back. Jennifer’s proven imediately applicable tools, extensive experience driving global organizational change, and homespun good sense help your team build a framework to increase individual and organizational resilience right now.

This thought provoking program engages participants around:

Why going through the 'muck' doesn't make you resilient

The difference between coping and building resilience and when to do both

How to recognize resilient people and organizations and why you should

3 strategies to increase resilience right now for you and your team

How you can prepare for the "muck" that's coming

10 Things Great Leaders Know
But Won’t Tell You

Targeted to emerging leader, this program is an opportunity for them to retreat from the day to day, pause to think about their own leadership style, and laugh like crazy!

Drawing on Jennifer’s extensive arsenal of stories from working with CEOs and leaders of all levels for 30 years, this keynote challenges conventional wisdom on leadership and presents 10 no-nonsense ideas that great leaders know, but wouldn’t think to tell you. Your audience will begin to see that in leadership, common sense isn’t all that common. Participants will participate and laugh at the lighter side as they validate their own observations and find new approaches to leading others.

This program, enables emerging leaders to:

Realize that they control more than they think they do, and how they can use that to shape their environment

Demonstrate visible leadership quickly

Build strategies to get the best out of the people they lead

Increase fulfillment in their work as they make leadership their ‘real’ job

Influence When Resources Don't Report to You

The world has changed. Complexity is high. You can't know everything, you can't plan everything, and you can't predict everything. The way we lead MUST change too.

This high energy, interactive session will challenge your thinking and introduce new ways to demonstrate visible leadership in a complex environment. Participants will learn how to influence when in situations where they:

  • Rely on people who don't report to them
  • Use processes they don't own
  • Need resources that aren't in their budget

This provocative program challenges participants to think differently about:

Their role as a leader and the real work of leadership today

How to engage people in the real issues

How to drive candor to a degree they've never seen before

RapidOD: Organizational Design
With Less Disruption

There are few topics that send business leaders running faster than Organization Structure. The very thought makes us weary of endless meetings, disruptions in productivity and philosophical HR exercises that rarely add value. …just when we are struggling to ensure efficiencies, reduce cost and get the most out of people. At their best, these initiatives can be painful and disruptive. But they don't have to be.

Jennifer Eggers has spent over 30 years restructuring organizations at some of the most recognized brands in the world AND is known for translating that to non-nonsense approaches that drive results even in organizations where resources are strapped. She is the creator or the RapidOD fast collaborative approach to organization alignment, proven to ‘get organizations and talent right the first time’ after participating in hundreds of corporate restructuring initiatives. Learn how to intentionally build organization structures that enable you to do more with the team you already have.

Providing relevant industry examples from companies of all sizes, Jennifer discusses the following:

How to align your organization with out a ton of disruption

How to leverage the notion of ‘organizational capabilities’ to create alignment around strategy

How to eliminate personal agendas that derail organization design initiatives


The Shocking Truth About Binders

The Secret To Choosing Resilience


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