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Keynote Presentations
by LeaderShift® Insights Founder, Jennifer Eggers


Resilience: It's Not About Bouncing Back

10 Things Great Leaders Know But Won’t Tell You

Rethinking Leadership: Driving Performance in a Smaller, Tougher World

Organizational Design Without Disruption

Resilience: It's Not About Bouncing Back

How leaders and organization can build
resilience before disruption hits

Organizations and their leaders are asked to react to major set-backs every day. Pressure for results in the face of changing markets, restructuring, shrinking budgets, and blending cultures require skills to tackle tough situations, influence across boundaries, process quickly and come back stronger.

Resilience is arguably the number one requirement for leaders today and no one is talking about it. Jennifer is.

In this program, Jennifer shares personal and business experience and profound lessons on resilience, from building a successful business in a deep recession, years on the road restructuring companies, a health crisis that knocked her off the podium as a nationally ranked athlete, and the trauma of diving out of a burning vehicle, barely escaping alive. Jennifer’s cutting-edge resilience model, vast experience driving large scale global organizational change, and her own brand of wisdom and good sense presented in an edgy, paradigm shifting session help your team learn how they can build a framework to increase individual and organizational resilience long before it’s needed.

This thought provoking program engages participants around:

Why the kinds of complex challenges we face today require a different kind of leadership that we learned in school

How resilience became the number one skill for leaders who need to mobilize people

How to recognize resilient people and organizations and why you should

Intentionally building a resilient team long before needed

The leadership mindset that drives resilience

Removing the “leadership” mask and finding authenticity to help you survive repetitive disruption

How getting clear on your purpose and definition of success improves your choices under stress

Secrets to powerfully cultivating resilience in your life and your team


  • Keynote

    Length can be customized to your audience

  • Breakout Session

    Deep dive on one or two critical aspects of resilience 

  • 2-Day Workshop

    A deeper dive into Resilience to create breakthroughs in your organization. 
    Workshops build both individual and organizational resilience.

10 Things Great Leaders Know
But Won’t Tell You

In an age of disruption and interruption, leaders today are charting new territory. Margins are slim and the margin for error is even slimmer, especially for leaders thrust into new and ambiguous situations on a daily basis. To thrive, leaders need to create the alignment required to drive breakthrough performance through others.

Drawing on Jennifer’s personal arsenal of stories from working with CEOs and leaders of all levels for more than 20 years, this keynote challenges conventional wisdom on leadership and presents 10 no-nonsense ideas that great leaders know, but wouldn’t think to tell you. Your audience will begin to see that in leadership, common sense isn’t all that common. We’ll enjoy laughing at the lighter side as we validate our own observations in a new light.

This program, focused on emerging leaders, enables participants to:

Realize that they control more than they think they do, and how they can use that to shape their environment

Demonstrate visible leadership quickly

Build strategies to get the best out of the people they lead

Increase fulfillment in their work as they make leadership their ‘real’ job


  • Keynote

    Length can be customized to your audience

  • Breakout Session

    An interactive deeper dive with action planning to ensure application

Rethinking Leadership:

Driving Performance in a
Smaller, Tougher World

Two pervasive issues facing business today require leaders at all levels to think differently about leadership: doing more with less and working across cultures. To maintain their edge in today’s market, leaders must be exceedingly competent at leading lasting and sustainable change, driving performance through others, maximizing results of a global workforce and managing talent in ways they never have before. Missed opportunity because leaders and teams aren’t aligned simply isn't acceptable. The cost of failed change or stagnating C players is too high when every dollar counts.

This high energy, interactive session will challenge your thinking and provide pragmatic tools you can use immediately to do more with less and align diverse stakeholders. All participants in this talk will also receive a free toolkit with three powerful leadership frameworks to help clarify opportunities and roadblocks, create alignment and enable sustainable change.

This provocative program engages participants in a discussion around:

The difference between adaptive and technical challenges to resolve complex business problems

How to think differently about leadership to do more with less and engage diverse and/or virtual stakeholders

Three leadership priorities that have emerged and are critical to success in today’s market


  • Keynote

    Length can be customized to your audience

RapidOD: Organizational Design
With Less Disruption

There are few topics that send business leaders running faster than Organization Structure. We know we need to think about them, but the very thouht makes us weary of endless meetings, disruptions in productivity and philosophical HR exercises that can feel cathartic but rarely add value. …right at a time when we are in a constant struggle to ensure efficiencies, reduce cost and get the most out of people. Even at their best, these initiatives can be painful and disruptive, perceived to be an endless time vacuum. But they don't have to be.

Jennifer Eggers, Founder and Managing Partner at LeaderShift Insights® has spent over 20 years implementing talent and organization structure strategies at some of the most recognized brands in the world AND is known for translating that to non-nonsense approaches that drive results even in organizations where resources are strapped. She is the creator or the RapidOD approach to organization alignment, built and proven to ‘get organizations and talent right the first time’ after participating in over 50 corporate restructuring initiatives and watching most of them fail. Learn how to intentionally build organization structures that enable you to do more with the team you already have.

Providing relevant industry examples from companies of all sizes, Jennifer discusses the following:

Why being intentional about organization structure makes business sense

How to do that with what you already have

How to leverage the notion of ‘organizational capabilities’ to create alignment around strategy

The linkage between talent management and organization structure

How to ensure that your next hire is the most critical to driving your strategy

How to eliminate personal agendas that derail organization design initiatives


  • Keynote

    Length can be customized to your audience

  • Breakout Session

    Explore one or two critical aspects of organization design 

  • 2-Day Workshop

    A deeper dive into how to approach and lead Organizational Design projects


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The Secret To Choosing Resilience

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