#1 Way to Lead A Successful Digital Transformation

Leading Digital Transformation

Are you struggling to keep your business organized while transitioning to a more digital experience? Is it becoming less obvious who owns what…and why? Are silos in your organization structure getting in the way as the shift to increasing automation accelerates?

More and more, organizations are realizing that as they become more digital, their structures are holding them back. Trying to manage operations with traditional organizational structures can undermine transformation and create internal chaos. Digitization is accelerating, and traditional approaches to organizational design and restructuring just can’t keep up.

Digitization without adaptive organizational structures results in chaos.

Leading the transformation to digital and automation requires the most effective technology to revolutionize your organization’s ability to compete. The missing link is an adaptive organizational structure that equips your organization to grow and evolve in the face of rapid, disruptive technology changes. Traditional ‘restructuring’ moves boxes around on an organizational chart and shifts functions from one place to another, shuffling people around to plug holes. With the increasing frequency of changes digitization drives, organizations simply cannot afford to ‘reorganize’ constantly.

Many businesses suffer from perpetual restructuring chaos. Fortunately, there is an escape!

Digitization drives profound changes in how business operates. Organizations need very different structures to support the transformation of business models, investments in new capabilities, shifts in core processes, and differentiated customer experience. Adaptive structures support rapid changes without the disruption typically associated with organizational restructuring.

Adaptive organizational structures are built to align the organization around the capabilities it must deliver to drive a differentiated customer experience – not around traditional functional or business silos. To drive digital transformation, organizational designs must ensure that a structure is put in place to flex and adapt as new solutions and revolutionary changes emerge.

RapidOD accelerates digitization.

We worked with the leadership of an eCommerce business for one of the top home goods stores with over 20,000 employees to build an adaptive structure in days, not months. The entire process, from design to implementation took twelve days. LeaderShift’s proprietary RapidOD organization design approach is based on defining and aligning around the business capabilities needed to achieve strategic objectives. This approach aligned the leaders around the future state of the business and helped them identify an adaptive structure that flexes as shifts in the strategy, business model, and digital technologies emerged.

Before your digital transformation devolves into organizational chaos, call us.

At LeaderShift Insights™ we work with leadership teams to define, align, and implement a more effective approach to digital transformation while driving profitable growth. We leverage what you already know, combined with our research-backed proprietary process to rapidly implement adaptive organizational structures that work. Over the past 10 years, we have worked with organizations such as the Mayo Clinic, Johnson & Johnson, Home Depot, J.M Huber, JLL and many others. Call us. It’s what we do!