3 Most Forgotten Components of A Successful Transformation

3 Most Forgotten Components of A Successful Transformation
3 out of 4 HR leaders are facing some sort of transformation in their business. Too often they are brought in late in the game, … and typically to help “manage the change”. Code words for “exiting displaced employees and helping the survivors cope with the new environment”. Sound familiar? Coming late to transformation puts HR in a difficult position. You missed all the planning and didn’t participate in the project in a meaningful way and yet, leadership turns to you and says, “… so how are YOU going to regain employee trust and clean up the mess?”

Transformation often results in plummeting employee engagement, loss of trust in leadership, and fear that the next transformation will bring more unwelcome change. In fact, a recent survey indicated that almost 20% of employees are ACTIVELY DISENGAGED.

How successful is transformation when almost 20% of people are sitting on the sidelines, with their backs turned?

3 Forgotten Components of Successful Transformation

Transformation doesn’t have to result in increased employee disengagement. We work with organizations to help implement transformation while addressing the important transformational components that are often forgotten.

  • Change Management to ensure that people are treated based on your values; before, during, and after transformation. We align leadership around where the company is going, embed the values in how we move forward, and ensure that the best decisions are made for everyone.  
  • Organizational Design that ensures the structure is adaptive and can flex as the next wave of transformation hits. Today’s structures are too often the result of leadership shifts, bolt on’s from acquisitions, or the result of secret conference room meetings.
  • Leadership Skills are vital given the chaos of constant disruptive change. Business transformation is here to stay. Change is the norm and we provide leaders the resilience, ability to influence, and tools to sustain change

We have worked with your peers at Mayo Clinic, Home Depot, regional banks and many others. While many other firms consult with clients, we have walked in your shoes. Titles include CHRO, VP Transformation, CLO, and other positions that make a difference. Contact us for a free consultation to help maintain employee engagement amidst constant change.

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