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Need to Drive Growth Through Choppy Waters?

Rough waters have become the norm. How must your leaders shift to navigate without getting blown off course?


To transform or drive growth in choppy waters, your organization needs to master 3 outcomes:


Laserlike Alignment


Leadership Excellence


Organizational Resilience

LeaderShift Insights® helps you drive these outcomes.



Are you trying to solve complex, cross-functional challenges that require real  alignment?

Imagine a company where everyone from the CEO to the front line, shows up knowing EXACTLY what they need to focus on every single day? Even on days where plans fail and crises happen. Where everyone pitches in and covers one another and even for other departments when someone messes up. No blame, no infighting? YOU can create that.

We help companies regroup, reinvent, get aligned, and make
resilience a reality.

  • Increase the organization's capacity to adapt in the face of disruptive change
  • Create alignment to get everyone on the same page, making progress on shared goals, fast
  • Shorten the ramp up time for new executives and turn B players into outstanding leaders with robust senior business advisors
  • Build adaptive structures that break down silos and drive results
  • Make high stakes meetings impactful with proven tools and masterful facilitation
  • Equip leaders to drive breakthrough performance through others with leadership workshops that drive ROI (we're not kidding)

Pain we eliminate:

How LeaderShift® Can Help

Meet our Founder and Senior Executive Coach Jennifer Eggers

In nearly 30 years of consulting, coaching and executive roles, Jennifer has seen it all, done a lot of it, and if she hasn't, she's worked with a client who has. Her value is in her experience and her ability to get results by blurring the line between coaching and consulting.

"Any coach can ask questions and have you reflect on your feelings. My value shines when I work with an executive with a clear goal. I role up my sleeves, dive in with them, and help them figure out how to get results while strategically managing stakeholders. It's business. And it's consulting as much as it is coaching. Coaching purists will never blur those lines, but I live in ambiguity and I know that very little in the C-Suite is black and white. If I have a President who has to accomplish something, I'm going to help them because I would be remiss not to. I can't sit and watch someone struggle with something I've done 5 times. My value is in helping clients see around corners and head off issues before they even know they're coming."

Jennifer is known for executive integration, repositioning personal brands, driving behavior change and increasing leaders' ability to drive performance through others. She is distinctively different from other coaches with her no-nonsense brand of kitchen English, pragmatic tools, and the investment she makes in her clients' success.

Jennifer Eggers headshot

Jennifer coaches C-Level leaders (and those aspiring to be) at Global 1000 or middle market companies who are:

  • Leading major organizational transformation
  • New in their role and needing to demonstrate visible leadership fast
  • Responsible for delivering big results or fixing something this year
  • Setting up a new function or center of excellence (CoE)

"I'm not fluffy. This is going to be meaningful or we're wasting our time."
- Jennifer Eggers

Clients Include

What People Are Saying About LeaderShift® Insights

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Edian Nelson
Global Head of New Segments
Johnson & Johnson

Chris Santy
President, Patriot Capital

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