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Leadership skills are deeply personal

What happens when you’re a professional athlete and you get knocked around by two car accidents and a blood disease and you can’t do sport anymore, ever? How do you reorient yourself in a useful way to grow stronger? Author Jennifer Eggers shares her personal experience and research in a powerful framework.

Why you should listen: a practical leadership framework for resilience

  • 3 characteristics of resilient people and organisations: firm grasp on reality, ability to improvise, and the ability to find meaning in any circumstances

  • How a leadership mindset helped Jennifer survive another crazy car incident

  • How we might need to just cope before we build resilience

We explore leadership mindset for organisation and personal resilience

  • Where to start when we find ourselves in disruption: it’s about who we are

  • Attitude and authenticity as key leadership qualities

  • From water skiing to bluegrass bands: how chasing what lights us up can help define success

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