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Nina Sunday CSP

The Manage Self, Lead Others podcast is mainly for experienced and aspiring managers to explore ways to elevate and transform team culture. Nina Sunday speaks with key experts from Australia and across the globe who share their insights in self-leadership and leading others.

Episode Notes:

Questions explored:

  • How is resilience not the same as coping?
  • How can we enhance our ability to be resilient?
  • What are 3 characteristics of resilient people and organisations?
    – Grasp on reality
    – Meaningful
    – Improvise
  • What can derail performance?

Conversation includes:

  • Building a Resilient team
  • Creating a Resilient Team Mindset.
  • Create alignment
  • Your purpose, definition of success and core beliefs drive alignment

Adaptive Leadership style:

  • Willing to be wrong
  • Open to revolutionary innovation