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iX Leadership: Create High-Five Cultures and Guide Transformation

Rachel Headley, Meg Manke

A great summary of the Culture Types Assessment and how to leverage it to resolve conflict and solve problems in organizations. – Jennifer Eggers

Called “brutally honest, incredibly practical, and refreshingly hopeful,” Headley and Manke shake traditional corporate culture to the core in this important and desperately needed book.

Corporate success is hampered by the failure to create an Internal Experience (iX) that keeps the best people, enables true innovation and creativity, and implements change quickly and effectively. iX Leadership: Create High-Five Cultures and Guide Transformation will enable leaders to change the way business gets done.

Headley, a former operational science officer of the Landsat satellite program, and Manke, an expert in talent management and organizational psychology, combine research and personal insight to demonstrate the importance and practical application of their proprietary Culture Types and Kurtz Change Transition Model. They demonstrate how to incorporate these concepts into the best leadership practices of today.

iX Leadership: Create High-Five Cultures and Guide Transformationprovides insight into people, what motivates them, and how they deal with changes – it’s widely applicable to industry, vertical, and role. Whether you want to create a culture to take you to the next $1B IPO, to survive the pre-revenue phase of your business, to improve sales, to implement changes more quickly and effectively, or to eliminate unspoken conversations, this book is your guide to achieving your legacy and success that you dream of.