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Managing Partner

We develop leaders and design organizations to be strategically aligned to your mission and goals. We do this rapidly with minimal disruption using our proprietary, research-backed systems that are so easy to learn and teach, they are sustainable long after we are gone.

Keith Leust of LeaderShift Insights, Inc.

Who Is Keith?

Keith is a managing partner at LeaderShift Insights Inc., a consulting firm with deep expertise in optimizing organizational performance through leadership and alignment. A professional coach and consultant, he brings the business and financial discipline to the table, while appreciating the nuances that are necessary to be an adaptive leader.  With three decades of battle tested experience as a business executive accountable for bottom line results be is known for delivering results. Keith has advised business leaders in multiple industries, helping them drive the execution of strategy.

With extensive experience in strategy, large-scale reengineering, technology implementation, human resources and change management, Keith has led significant organizational transformations. He has worked in healthcare, pharma, financial services, manufacturing and most recently in the public transit system where he has led many large-scale business transformation projects. He has also been published on transformation and the vital roles adaptive leaders play in enterprises of the 21st century.

Keith has spent about half of his career inside organizations driving change. Most recently he was the interim CHRO for the Boston Transit system, yes buses, trains, subways and even ferry’s! As the VP of Transformation at Prudential he shifted focus from operational metrics to customer experience delivery. At AmEx he led a team focused on both reducing costs while improving customer service. At Motorola he transitioned his focus to organizational development and Human Resources as the HR Executive for over 6,500 employees globally.

Prior to joining LeaderShift, Keith was a Vice President and Managing Consultant with Accelare, Inc., a strategy consultancy focused on helping clients put resources and plans in place to realize their strategic vision. As Director of Organizational Development at Motorola, Keith was instrumental in the re-architecting of the cell phone business.  Later as the HR Executive for the global IT organization, he worked with leadership to transform IT. In addition, he led Motorola University where he created innovative leadership academies. At Prudential, Keith was the Vice President of Business Transformation and led the reengineering of front and back office operations.  Keith even spent a year as the interim Chief HR Officer for the Boston Transit system keeping the buses, trains and subway running!

Keith has a uniquely balanced background both as an executive leading organizations, an employee accountable for bottom line results and as a senior consultant working with leadership to ensure their organizations success.

Certifications*: MBTI, Certified Business Architect, Six Sigma Black Belt

Areas of Expertise: Global Leadership, Personal Branding, Organization Design/Restructuring, Designing & Facilitating Strategic Conversations, Business Architecture, Strategy Execution, Talent & Performance Management, Change Management, Leadership & Executive Development, Action Learning, Organization Development, Creating Alignment, High Performing Team Development

8 Fun Facts About Keith

  • Proud Dad of two boys who have followed him as engineers

  • First generation American with deep roots in Europe

  • Deeply in love husband who loves cooking for his wife

  • Lived in Salzburg Austria for six months

  • Spent a month in Greece, back in the day, working on their government healthcare system

  • Avid Motorcyclist

  • Owns a white German Shepard who loves to go running

  • Traveled to Asia one too many times for business

What People Are Saying About Keith…

LeaderShift Insights has become one of my favorite business partners to work with. Most consultants are technically competent, but LeaderShift’s ability to diagnose needs and spot significant cultural nuances--and adjust their approach and solutions accordingly--is exceptional. The org design work they did for us was fantastic, leaving a lasting impact on how we think and operate, and they remain a trusted advisor in nearly all aspects of talent management. Their style really fits with our culture, but I also get the sense that all their clients probably feel that way!

Jimmy Parker Executive Development, The Home Depot

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