Jennifer Eggers

Managing Partner

We develop leaders and design organizations to be strategically aligned to your mission and goals. We do this rapidly with minimal disruption using our proprietary, research-backed systems that are so easy to learn and teach, they are sustainable long after we are gone.

Who Is Jennifer?

Jennifer is a managing partner at LeaderShift Insights Inc., a consulting firm with deep expertise in optimizing organizational performance through leadership and alignment. A professional speaker, coach and consultant, she is an innovative leadership, talent and organization development executive with a passion for creating insights that drive business results. She has a strong bias for execution and a proven ability to impact results due to her early operational background. Adept at assessing the big picture, Jennifer is known for building alliances, creating impactful teams and implementing strategies that drive results.

With a unique ability to align diverse stakeholders and global experience in both consulting and corporate roles, Jennifer has built an integrated approach to developing leaders and organizations, optimizing talent/succession, structure and processes while enabling organizational change, learning and productive dialog. She is also the creator of RapidOD, a collaborative and fast approach to organization restructuring and highly popular workshops on Influence, Resilience and Driving Sustainable Change.

Jennifer has over 20 years of Executive Coaching Experience and holds two executive coaching certifications. She has coached entire leadership teams as well as officers and directors of many Fortune 500 companies. She is known for repositioning personal brands, driving behavior change and enabling leaders to improve their ability to drive performance through others.

Jennifer is a former Partner with Cambridge Leadership Group, Vice-President, Leadership Development & Learning for Bank of America and has held several other senior roles in Learning, Organization & Leadership Development at AutoZone and Coca-Cola Enterprises. She has designed and executed large-scale initiatives including mergers, enterprise restructuring, talent management, performance-management and team development. Blending people and process improvement strategies for executives and teams at Fortune 500 companies, Jennifer delivers introspective leadership programs and has coached leaders at all levels with demonstrable results.

Certifications*: Certified Executive Coach, MBTI, Hogan, Hogan for Selection

Areas of Expertise: Global Leadership, Personal Branding, Organization Design/Restructuring, Designing & Facilitating Strategic Conversations, Business Architecture, Strategy Execution, Talent & Performance Management, Change Management, Leadership & Executive Development, Action Learning, Organization Development, Creating Alignment, High Performing Team Development

7 Fun Facts About Jennifer

  • Former nationally ranked water-skier, tournament judge and driver

  • Lived in Santo Domingo for 6 months

  • Avid Angler

  • Master scuba diver

  • Gourmet Foodie

  • She has two Devon Rex cats

  • Owns a white German Shepard who loves to go running

  • Fronted the Harmony Station bluegrass band

What People Are Saying About Jennifer…

Jennifer was an outstanding resource for me as I transitioned into an officer role at The Home Depot.

She used a mixture of proven, structured techniques combined with nimble coaching methods tailored to my personality and learning style.

Absolutely a great resource that any leader can learn from. One that I would definitely use again and recommend to many!

Wes Neece Vice President, Merchandising, The Home Depot

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