Assimilation Coaching

Accelerate Visible Leadership in a New Executive Role

LeaderShift Insights coaches act as guides, advisors, thought partners and executive coaches to leaders transitioning into new executive roles. Our goal is to accelerate assimilation and equip you to demonstrate visible leadership in your first 100 days. Each engagement is tailored to your circumstances to deliver specific outcomes, direct actionable steps, and provide objective encouraging support in a safe and thought-provoking environment.

Why New Leader Transition Coaching?

Transitioning to a new leadership role can feel like drinking from a fire hose. You need to get to know the industry, the company, a new set of players, and figure out how to get things done in a complex environment fast… all while adding value… without becoming overwhelmed.

Data shows that rigorous new leader integration programs can shorten time to productivity by 40% and improve new hire retention by 50%, yet most Fortune 500 companies, even with sophisticated strategic HR teams, fail to provide comprehensive on-boarding programs that do this well.

An external coach can be an objective, confidential trusted advisor and thought partner who can strategize with you to plan your first impressions. Transition coaching accelerates integration, equips new leaders to demonstrate visible leadership and credibility fast while enabling them to:

  • Demonstrate visible leadership before and during your transition
  • Understand and assimilate into a new corporate culture
  • Clarify expectations and priorities for your new role
  • Strategically set new relationships up for success
  • Identify early warnings and misalignment
  • Intentionally create and reinforce your personal brand
  • Advance specific business outcomes
  • Increase your value to the organization
  • Navigate and capitalize on complex corporate political systems
  • Improve early communication and influence
  • Effectively integrate work and life commitments

Coaching from LeaderShift Insights

LeaderShift® coaches are former operations, HR, and C-suite executives with proven coaching track records. Their expertise establishes credibility quickly with executive stakeholders so they can clarify expectations and cultural nuances early to optimize the new leader’s success.

New Leader Integration begins prior to start or soon thereafter in partnership with the HR team. The program identifies essential cultural and fit elements before they derail executives and are customized to the individual’s needs. Coaches can also facilitate New Leader Assimilation sessions to speed integration with the team.

Results Driven Process

We are passionate about accelerating leadership transitions. Our proven approach equips executives to transition faster so they can fully integrate into your organization and add value earlier.

Assimilation Coaching Timeline:


HR Alignment

  • Understand the role
  • Selection criteria
  • Interview stakeholders
  • Business leadership assessment

30 Days

Stakeholder Alignment

  • Visible Leadership Plan
  • Integration plan
  • Key messaging

60 Days


  • First impressions
  • Learning plan
  • Resource planning
  • New leader assimilation


  • Networking plan
  • Course corrections
  • Team assessment

90 Days

Measure Sustainability

  • Evaluate Results
  • Capture Lessons Learned & Behavior Change
  • Sustainability Plan

What About Assessments?

Our coaches have access to a wide range of leadership assessments and will use them judiciously based on the needs of the client. Our unique approach is focused on getting to know our clients and building a customized solution.

Ready to get to work on your organization?

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