The LeaderShift® Story

LeaderShift Insights® grew out of a realization that Human Resources and the capabilities delivered, especially leadership development programs and organizational design work, cost a fortune and rarely deliver.

In our experience of over 23 years in both senior corporate and external consulting roles, Jennifer and Keith had two major realizations. The first was that organizational restructuring initiatives most often drove more disruption than revenue. The second was that leadership development, for all its expense, rarely developed leaders and almost never drove business results. As a result, we decided to leverage our operational backgrounds to turn the way organization alignment and leadership development have always been done… up-side down, in a way the HR Community had never seen before.

A recent client, the VP of Talent Management at State Bank commented on a program we did for their leadership team that it “turned everything I knew about training upside down”.

Keith and Jennifer first began working together at Arthur Andersen’s Business Consulting practice in Roseland, NJ. Keith was instrumental in the emerging topic of change management and organizational learning, and worked extensively with Peter Senge at MIT. Jennifer’s focus was on reengineering and process improvement, primarily with merger integration. Ironically, Keith has an engineering and finance background and he has focused most of his career in HR and business transformation. In parallel, Jennifer went on to leadership roles in both corporate and consulting roles in Human Resources, Organization & Leadership Development and Learning.

A tipping point occurred in 2007 when Jennifer grew frustrated after holding leadership roles at AlliedSignal, Bank of America and AutoZone with leadership development programs that cost a fortune and didn’t deliver ROI and restructuring initiatives that drove more disruption than revenue. She founded LeaderShift Authentic Insights, Inc. to provide leadership development that drove ROI and a fast, collaborative, customer centric organization design process that created structures that grow and scale (and wouldn’t need to be rebuild every year) while minimizing disruption.

By then, Keith had held leadership roles as the VP of Business Transformation at Prudential, helped build the Accelerated Solution Environment at Ernst and Young designed to make change happen really really fast, and had run Motorola University while supporting Motorola IT globally as the HR executive for over 6,500 employees.

If history is any indicator of experience both Jennifer and Keith have traveled hard roads and with their clients achieved amazing results.

  • Mayo Clinic we partnered with leadership and identified a growth agenda to dramatically grown their lab business.
  • AvMed Health we redefined the business strategy, created a $125 million investment roadmap, reorganized the business and set the organization on a path to success.
  • BCBS IL we worked with leadership to redefine their approach to the government healthcare sector and built a detailed plan to drive market share.
  • Home Depot we worked with leadership to define the creative and on-line function to leverage unique customer facing capabilities that better position the organization.
  • Independent Bank, State Bank, J.M. Huber, Americold and Cox Media we lead programs that equipped leaders with the adaptive leadership skills to not only survive the chaos of the market but to thrive and grow.
  • Other clients include Johnson & Johnson, Biosense Webster, Cordis and even the Boston Transit system (buses, trains, subways and ferry’s).

We are at the front lines working with our clients by equipping them with the skills and tools to deliver exceptional business results. Experience and adaptive leadership enable us to serve our clients and help them unravel tough issues that hinder results.

Call us, it’s what we do.

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